Humane raccoon removal

There was a time when the raccoons lived in open habitat nowadays; they are found more in urban areas as compared to forests. You will be a wonder to know they are very intelligent creatures; they know how to open the birdfeeder and get access to the food. They have sharp hands that help them in breaking the boxes, bird feeders, and garbage cans. Most of all, they need a shelter to live epically in the winter season or mating season when they have to raise their babies. The attic is one of the ideal places for raccoons to live in the cold; they can also live in chimneys and in dark places.

How to remove raccoons?

Although there are many ways to kill or trap the raccoons, we will recommend you to get rid of them the inhumane way. Do not try to kill them, especially when they are protected by the federal laws, so you must read about the raccoon protection laws. Instead of killing, it is better to use precautions so they will not be able to enter the home. Anyhow some of the ways from the raccoon removal are given below:

Removing raccoon from the attic

They may decide to live in the season when they have to raise their babies. A female raccoon will be living on the attic along with their 4-7 babies at a time. Do not remove them when they have young babies, but if you feel it is important to remove them, then move them to a safe and secure shelter. Move them to the place where they can find the food; otherwise, it will be an inhumane act as the female has babies so they cannot move so far from their living place.

Removing raccoon from ceiling

Sometimes raccoon lives in-ceiling along with their babies, as most of the ceiling is weak and cannot support the burden of raccoon and their babies. Sometimes their babies stuck into the ceiling wall; you can simply remove them with the help of hand; otherwise, they are going to die, and you may have to suffer decomposition odor for the next many days. If you feel unable to remove them simply call the professionals, they will help you to remove the raccoons on an immediate basis.

Use of odors

There are many products that are used as raccoon deterrents like the use of mothballs or peppermint. Simply place the mothballs near to their living place. Use the balls in enough quantity. The smell of mothball will force them to leave the house. Raccoons may also visit your garden in search of food, and they can also dig the ground in search of egg or earth warms. You can use chili powder at the grass or in the affected area. The taste of chili is enough to keep them away from the garden.

Other ways to remove the raccoon

Although we did not recommend using this method if it is important to kill, use the method that kills them on an instant basis.

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